Playing with The Law of Attraction

“The Law of Attraction” became a buzz word several years back when “The Secret” became a popular book and movie.  I, too, followed the crowd, watched the movie, and attempted to attract “things” to me.  Like many, I felt I failed this experiment of manifesting wealth miserably.  However, I was still intrigued by the Law of Attraction, which is defined by Abraham Hicks as “that which is like unto itself is drawn.”

I combined the teaching of many great thinkers and teachers, including but not limited to Jesus, Abraham Hicks, Mahatma Gandhi, Louise Hay, and the company Heartmath.  I connected to my inner knowing and realized that my focus on accumulating more material “things” isn’t really what I desired.  My desire is a life filled with love and joy.

The Law of Attraction is similar to other science- based laws in that it is not debatable; IT IS.  Whether we are aware of or believe in it is not important, because it IS part of our human existence.  This Attraction connects with our vibrations, which we are.  If we are vibrating in an angry state, walking around with a chip on our shoulder, then we will attract more anger to us.  However, if we are being a peaceful, joyous person, we will attract more peace and joy in our lives.  In my case of wanting more money, I reflect back that I wasn’t attracting money because I was vibrating in the state of lack.

Sometimes I hear, “I feel like I am a peaceful person, but I keep having all this drama in my life.”  This is your message from the universe that you are not vibrating where you think you are.  It is a message for you to empower yourself to a higher vibrational state.  If drama keeps entering your life, you can choose to rise above this by not getting involved.  “It is not my circus, not my monkey” is a common phrase that you can repeat to yourself.  Walk away from the office gossip, change the subject, or follow the mantra of only “See Peace, Hear Peace, and Speak Peace.”

Be gentle with yourself.  As you become more of whom you want to be, as you shift your life in a more positive direction, it will become easier to stay on the path.  However, it takes time.  It may feel like two steps forward, one step back or sometimes one step forward and two steps back.  And that’s okay.  Give yourself kudos that you are willing to make your life better.  One day at a time, one experience at a time.  Don’t look back and wallow.  Look forward with a Pollyanna attitude and know that you are learning.

Think of a child who is learning to walk.  First the child has a desire.  “Oh, I see this toy I would love to taste.” So she learns to scoot, then crawl, and stand.  Then with a little help, she experiences the feeling of walking.  And soon, with a few tumbles, learns to take her first independent step. And before you know it, she is running.  Now we don’t even think about walking, it is natural part of us that is ingrained.  And this type of outcome can be true for any of your desires if you take the right action.

The first step in making a positive change is to become consciously aware of what you want to be better.   “I attract only (insert your desire) in my life.”  Then become the change you want to see.  If you want more kindness, be kind.  Pay attention to the messages that the universe is sending you.   If you see cruelty, then focus and connect with kindness.  Now is the time to really pay attention to your world.  Do you spend time reading, watching, and being around kindness?  If you choose to have more kindness then immerse yourself in kindness.

Now go out and play.  Life is meant to be lived in JOY. Live, Love, Laugh!