In many relationships, one person will say the other either won’t talk or talks too much.  Why is this communication hurdle so common?

Expectations.  It is our expectations of others that create these communication hurdles.  We are all unique and yet we expect others to be like us.  If we like to talk and express our feeling, we expect those that we love to do the same thing.

When we understand that all communication styles have advantages and disadvantages and accept others’ differences, we will enhance all of our relationships.

Here is a fictional example of how Sara’s life was changed after a JOY+ coaching session.

Sara was struggling in her eight-year marriage.  She wanted her husband to talk to her, but she received only a few words.  His emotions were buried deep inside.  Sara felt that if he wouldn’t open up, their relationship would be over.  She wanted, needed, more from him. Continue reading TALK TO ME! … YOU TALK TOO MUCH!