You and Me


Take a moment and consider . . . How do I feel right now?  What do I like doing?  Is my life where I want it to be?  Am I ready to feel more JOY?   Is something or someone holding me back from living the life I want to live?

At different times in my life, I wanted more but didn’t know where to go or how to achieve it.

For over 20 years, I volunteered as a LaLeche League Leader (breastfeeding information and support) and read a vast amount of parenting books.  At the LLL international conferences, I immersed myself in the speakers’ theories, which increased my understanding of myself and my family. I gained a lot of valuable information but still had unanswered questions.   I also studied with Three In One Concepts and after 14 years, advanced to the level of “One Brain Consultant/Facilitator/Trainer.”  I was able to ask my questions, increase my knowledge of myself and others, discover techniques to help release the unwanted, and connect to the positive.

With a degree in education and a passion for learning and understanding, I consider myself a life-long student. As I was working with individuals, I was learning more and more. I kept increasing my knowledge but was limited to the tools I was allowed to use.  So . . .

I broke free from the box.  I “came out of my closet.”  I started speaking my truth.  I redesigned my life and my sessions.  I am now CONSCIOUSLY LIVING, and I encourage you to break free of what is holding you back from living your passion and a life of JOY, every second, every minute, every hour!

Denise with her husband of over 27 years and their 3 beautiful daughters.